Randal Reeder, the Actor and Producer famous for such movies as Dead Pool, 21 Jump Street, W, Sin City and Harold and Kumar has begun pre-production on the “The Baptist”.

The Baptist is a heartfelt story of a terminally ill millionaire who hires a troubled ex-soldier to retrieve his son from a mental institution and bring him across the country so that can meet for the first time.

As well as producing the movie, Reeder is attached to play one of the lead characters in the movie.

Joining the production team, is Steven Samblis.

More About the Movie…

Gilbert Clay is an ex-soldier dealing with the emotional damage from his deployment to Afghanistan while attempting to get his life back on track since leaving the military.

As fate would have it (through court appointed community service), Gilbert comes across a reclusive millionaire named Marshall Herod. Mr. Herod recruits Gilbert for a job or “civilian mission”. Mr. Herod is critically ill and his final wish is a reunion with his son, who is unaware that his father is still alive.

Gilbert must then travel to Las Vegas to retrieve the son who goes by the name of Jones (Reeder). Mr. Herod informs Gilbert that Jones is in an institution for the mentally degraded. Jones believes he is a descendant of John the Baptist who has been chosen to save the disenchanted by baptizing them with Holy Water.

Throughout the journey to Mr. Herod, Gilbert and Jones help others (and each other) to see the world in a different light. In the end, Gilbert, Jones and Mr. Herod must deal with the repercussions of their past actions and decisions through life and death circumstances.

The film is produced Red State Entertainment and Envision Media Corp.