AFI Movie Club – Black Stories Matter: BLACKKKLANSMAN – Conversation with Shawn Edwards & Ron Stallworth

AFI Movie Club is a partnership of AFI and Universal Pictures, AFI Movie Club's weeklong event “Black Stories Matter” spotlights diverse and unique narratives from celebrated Black films. The partnership will pay tribute to notable films BLACKKKLANSMAN, GET OUT, GIRLS TRIP, LOVING, and STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON with free digital movie rentals through August 30, 2020. Go to to find out how to watch. AFI Movie Club will enrich the free rentals by highlighting each day’s film with a conversation between film critic Shawn Edwards and filmmakers and talent involved with the films and “Behind the Scene” featurette about a specific scene examined by an artist from the film, as well as curated trivia researched from the AFI Catalog of Feature Films.

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