Hollywood, California (October 11, 2017) – Attorney and author Jake Banks gave his insights on the media firestorm surrounding the firing of producer Harvey Weinstein. Banks who is not representing Mr. Weinstein gave Cinemabuzz his views on this developing story.

CB: As an attorney what is your opinion of the media frenzy surrounding Harvey Weinstein even though he hasn't been convicted of a crime?

JB: The steady stream of new sex allegations offer no chance to escape the media. Celebrities are getting distance from him. His wife left him. He is toxic. Anyone that watches TV has made up their mind about his guilt.

CB: What counsel would you provide Harvey Weinstein right now?

JB: Do what you can to stay out of prison.

CB: Would you consider bringing your projects such as your new book Lawyer X to the Weinstein Company?

JB: The Company isn’t the problem, Harvey was. And now that he is gone, the Company must reshape their image. In order to survive as a business, they will have to become a gender equal and harassment-free workplace.

CB: What was your frame of mind while in French prison?

JB: My mind played out different scenarios faster than a war games computer. I stared at the horizon and forced myself to focus on something else. It was impossible because I was standing in the middle of my mistake. I was surrounded by what I had done…”

Jake Banks is the author of Lawyer X, his true story of drug trafficking and French prison.  He spends his time between Texas and Panama where he is an attorney and real estate developer.

– Steve Samblis

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