Get a Master's Degree in Hip-Hop at Netflix University!

All you have to do is watch the following to earn your degree:

  1. Hip-Hop Evolution
  2. Sample This
  3. Art of Organized Noize
  4. Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives
  5. The Get Down: Season 1 (Part 1 and 2)

Pioneering DJ Grandmaster Flash breaks down how he discovered the technique that forever changed the world in "Hip Hop Evolution.


No matter how much you love hip-hop, Netflix offers four incredible documentaries and a terrific series that will tell you things you didn’t know. Although Netfix isn't primarily responsible for all of the titles the VOD platform is now a one stop shop if you want to get your hip-hop knowledge up. Collectively the four documentaries and series accurately pay tribute to culture of hip-hop better than anything else ever produced. The accuracy of the documentaries amazingly detail the history of the art-form presenting little known facts and providing commentary from the originators that actually had a hand in creating the culture.

Bobbito and Stretch Armstrong reminisce with Jay-Z about his appearance on their groundbreaking radio show when he appeared as an unsigned artist.

Completely fascinating, expertly chronicled and musically on point these documentaries collectively could serve as the audio visual bible for a culture that was once considered a fad. The Series "The Get Down" created by critically acclaimed director Baz Luhrmann offers a romanticized view of the culture. However, because the series also involved legendary hip l-hop DJ Grandmaster Flash and award-winning journalist Nelson George as producers the series is also tremendously authentic. Never has a TV show or movie explored the five elements of the culture with such realism and flair the way "The Get Down" does with it's cinematic brilliance.

The cast of "The Get Down" Netflix's brilliant cinematic love letter to New York and the Hip Hop culture.

Want a degree in hip-hop? Then all you have to do is watch these four documentaries and one series. Just remember to tilt your cap back at graduation.


"Hip Hop Evolution" is a four-part documentary series that explores the history of hip-hop with Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis Blow, Ice Cube, and more. It's hosted by rapper Shad, and was made by the team that created Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey. The series was first introduced at Toronto's Hot Docs Festival, and it also featured on HBO. It is now available to stream on Netflix in its entirety.


In the summer of 1973, a Jamaican born DJ in the Bronx discovered the Incredible Bongo Band album languishing at a record store. The long percussion breaks on the album caught his ear. DJ Herc pioneered the technique of taking those breaks and extending them by playing them back to back from two copies of the same record.

"Sample This" gives a glimpse into the original song's history and how the instrumental has progressed throughout Hip-Hop's timeline as it became one of the most sampled songs in rap history.

Bongo Rock, Apache and other tracks from the Incredible Bongo Band are widely acknowledged as the foundation of hip hop music. The Incredible Bongo Band has been sampled by many contemporary artists including Moby, Grandmaster Flash, Will Smith, Missy Elliot, Nas, Sugarhill Gang, Hammer, C+C Music Factory, Tone Loc, LL Cool J, Freddie Foxx, Faith Evans, Double D, Busta Rhymes, Goldie, Kanye West and Jay-Z. "Sample This" chronicles the incredible story behind the creation of one of the most influential albums in popular music that helped spawn a whole new genre of music.


As pioneers of the Dirty South music movement, Organized Noize is responsible for Outkast, CeeLo, the Goodie Mob and the Dungeon Family. Their production shaped the landscape of hip-hop with their own distinctive sound, created in the confines of a dungeon.

Thanks to Organized Noize OutKast became rap royalty and international superstars.

Featuring interviews with Andre 3000, Big Boi, Puff Daddy, Future, Ludacris, L.A. Reid, 2 Chainz, CeeLo and more, this is the story of the rise and fall of music's most prolific unsung heroes. From Flavor Unit and the producers of Lil Wayne's "The Carter" documentary, this is the "Art of Organized Noize."

The trio of Rico Wade, Ray Murray and Sleepy Brown crafted OutKast and Goodie Mob's early sound as the production team Organized Noise.


During the 1990s, Stretch and Bobbito introduced the world to an unsigned Nas, Biggie, Wu-Tang, and Big Pun, as well as an unknown Jay Z, Eminem, and the Fugees. The total record sales for all the artists that premiered on their show exceed 300 million. The late-night program had a cult following in the art/fashion world and prison population as well. All would loyally tune in for the offbeat humor just as much for the exclusive tunes. Stretch and Bobbito brought a unique audience together, and created a platform that changed music forever.


"The Get Down" focuses on 1970s New York City - broken down and beaten up, violent, cash strapped -- dying. Consigned to rubble, a rag-tag crew of South Bronx teenagers are nothings and nobodies with no one to shelter them - except each other, armed only with verbal games, improvised dance steps, some magic markers and spray cans. From Bronx tenements, to the SoHo art scene; from CBGBs to Studio 54 and even the glass towers of the just-built World Trade Center, "The Get Down" is a mythic saga of how New York at the brink of bankruptcy gave birth to hip-hop, punk and disco -- told through the lives and music of the South Bronx kids who changed the city, and the world...forever.

"The Get Down" expertly traces the roots of Hip Hop with a romanticized style and authentic vibe.

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