Hollywood, California (August 10, 2017) Hollywood stars and industry executives alike came out tonight to attend the world premiere of Director Noel Quiñones' Documentary One on One. Laemmle's Monica Film Center hosted the premiere.

Broadway star Bianca Marroquin, Angela Kinsey (The Office), Pili Montilla (Te Para Tres), Juan Agustin Marquez (Director), Michael Thornberry (Former Heavy weight boxing champion, producer), Maritxell Carrero (Dos Caminos), Sandra Santiago (Sangre Negra) and international heartthrob, Giovan Ramos were some of the stars who walked the red carpet in support of Noel Quiñones' efforts for economic development through education.

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The film industry was superbly represented by Gary French, head of production at ABC, Costume designer Karyn Wagner, Composer Brahm Wenger, and Actors Studio's Mark Kemble.

"We are honored to have the opportunity to present our documentary to the Hollywood industry. Uno a Uno is about economic development. Puerto Rico is losing 1 billion dollars a year as a result of the school dropout epidemic. We hope school districts take note. Involving the community guarantees that the impossible will be possible. I salute community activist Nilda Prieto for her contributions in making a better world said Quiñones while being interviewed on the red carpet.

The unforgettable night kicked-off with a star-studded red carpet followed by the screening and a Q&A session with Director Noel Quiñones.

Uno a Uno is in the run to be included in the Academy Awards For Your Consideration documentary short list.

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