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Dawn of the Dead – 1978 Filming Locations & Secrets

Adamthewoo took a trip to the Pittsburgh and Monroeville area to hunt down all the locations from our favorite zombie film of all time, the George Romero 1978 classic Dawn of the Dead. He is joined by Matt Blazi along for the trek to help out with facts, tidbits and just straight up nerdary companionship.

Back To The Future – Filming Locations 30 Years Later – Fan Video

From time to time I like to feature video done by people that are movie fans.  This little video is done by a family known as Phil, Emma and Ben.  Then have been doing videos of their trips to Disney for 7 years on YouTube. Somehow in the mix they created  this video about filming locations from the back to future movies.  I think its great and shows they are some real movie fans.  Check it out...