Each year new and talented young actors and actresses rise to the top of the competitive world that is Hollywood.  Some of these new faces will land coveted roles, turn movies into box office hits and even go on to receive nominations for their work.  One of those new faces already with a studio film soon to be released is Mexican star Stephanie Gerard. She says she is more than ready for her close up in the upcoming Videocine/Pantelion release title Plan V.  We took a closer look at this rare and intriguing actress in Los Angeles, a place she now calls home.

CB: Two words that describe Stephanie Gerard.

Happy.  Energetic.

CB: What projects do you have in the pipeline to be released this year?

My movie: Plan V (Videocine and Pantelion Films) where I play one of the lead characters, a TV Series for Blim called MINT and Voice over for a french animated film ZOUA.  I’m also doing a lot of stand up comedy shows in Los Angeles.

CB: What inspired you to produce a Beatles Tribute?

The Beatles themselves! I grew up listening to their music. They are my inspiration, specially Paul McCartney. I noticed that even though there’s a lot of tributes all around the world, there was nothing really pop-ish and sang by a Mexican woman so I said LET’S DO IT! I wanted to challenge myself. Take their music and add a little piece of me.

CB: You were congratulated by Sir Paul McCartney for your interpretation of The Beatles. How did that come about?

When you record songs that are not yours, you need permission from the author and the Publisher, in this case Sony ATV. You can send demos or the produced songs in full in order for them to give their approval, I decided I wanted to produce the album fully and present it the way it should, because there’s only one chance to make a good impression… If they didn't approve it, it would have been a massive a waste of money, time and creativity.

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The publisher in Mexico checks the songs, approves them if they like them and also if they have the standards of quality they need, once that happens, they send them to the Publisher in New York. Same process, if they approve them, they send them to the Publisher in England, and finally, the last filter, the author, Paul McCartney. When he listened to my album not only did he approve, but also sent the Publisher and I a congratulations letter for the arrangements and the voice, which of course made me cry. Even if I haven't met him yet, he's already heard my voice and liked it.

CB: Diversity means a lot of different things to different people. What does diversity mean to you?

It means DIFFERENT, different cultures, different education, different beliefs.

And I’m a huge fan of diversity. It makes the world an interesting and fun place to live.

CB: Who gave you your first break as an actress?

My first break ever was in TV in Mexico, doing comedy, and Eugenio Derbez is to blame. He's an amazing person and friend and he believed I could do comedy so he gave me my first opportunities acting in his TV shows, one called Derbez en Cuando and the other Familia Peluche.

CB: How was your experience working with Eugenio Derbez and what did you learn from him?

He’s awesome! He’s persistent and disciplined, he’s so humble and nice. I consider him a really good friend and I’ll always be thankful for giving me my break on TV. I think we will work together again in future projects, maybe a movie.

The most beautiful part about him is that he doesn't change nor with fame or time. He's always the same awesome talented person I met a long time ago.

CB: Name top five items in your bucket list.

Does marrying Leonardo DiCaprio count as one? That’s top 1 on my bucket list.

I want to do kitesurfing. I want to work with Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg. Another dream of mine is to be produced by David Foster. I want to win an Academy Award. And I want to do a road trip with my mom and my dogs all over Europe for a month.

I want to get more involved in saving the environment.  For me climate change is an issue and I believe I can help a little more. I also have a big project to rescue stray dogs and its one of my biggest dreams.

— The background of my story is pretty simple, love for animals, and the fact that some people love dogs but they can't have them or they have to get rid of their pets because certain buildings or houses don't allow animals there.

One of my biggest dreams is to open a dog park/shelter/home/hotel. People that can't have their dogs at home because they are not allowed to can have their dogs in a special place where you can go visit everyday (to feed them or walk them or simply say hi.) You will know that your dog will be in good care, in good company, with huge gardens to run and play, pool to swim, clean water and food, grooming...I would visit elementary schools to teach them about the importance of having a dog, about the care they need, and preventing animal cruelty.

This would be perfect for people who love dogs but also don't have the time to have one, you can basically sponsor one. And the second home makes sure your dog is safe and people can go visit whenever, with the proper paperwork and signatures, like adoption...

Less dogs would be strays or left behind.—

CB: If you could go back in time, where would you go?

Beatles time. 60’s. I would love to see them when they were performing all together.

CB: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Definitively singing Beatles music, and getting the approval from Sir Paul McCartney.  I think the odds of achieving that were tough but I did it.

CB: You have mentioned your mom is a source of great inspiration to you. What was the greatest lesson she ever taught you?

Everything! Everything I am it’s her. She's taught me the value of working hard to obtain what I dream of, she's taught me unconditional love, compassion for every living being.  She’s taught me to be thankful and to appreciate even the smallest details in life.

CB: As an animal lover what changes would you like to see for the ethical treatment of animals?

Stop everything that has to do with torture, make people aware that animals feel just like us, stop the pain and the killing of animals, because for me every life matters. Experimenting with animals is just plain cruel, there’s no point in making them suffer the way they do.

I want to help raise awareness on people so they could feel empathy for other living beings.



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