“Narcos” star Boyd Holbrook stars as the baddie in “Logan,” the third installment in the separate franchise for Hugh Jackman’s X-Men character Wolverine. The 35-year-old actor plays Donald Pierce, a cyborg with superhuman strength who hunts down mutants. The charismatic Kentucky native sat down with Cinema Buzz’s Shawn Edwards to talk about the movie.


The third installment of the wildly popular Marvel Wolverine franchise slashes onto screens early this spring. As the character has evolved so too has the audience grown and expanded to reach critical mass. In this film, we see that the development of Wolverine into Logan. The films tone shows Logan as we have not seen him, to date and gives us a look at his unfiltered rage.

Boyd Holbrook plays well-known Marvel villain Donald Pierce in “Logan.”

1. The Dark Knight
2. Blade
3. Logan
4. Superman: The Movie
5. Road to Perdition

The Dark Knight
Superman: The Movie
The Road to Perdition

Compiled by Cinema Buzz’s Shawn Edwards