New horror flick “Are You Scared Now?” begins production.

Randal Reeder

According to sources close to the movie,  “Are You Scared Now” follows two college lovers fresh off of spring break on one last rebellious road trip.  Driving down a dessert road, they take an ominous detour through a small town which is home to an out-of-place carnival.  (Clowns creep me out in general so it already sounds scary to me.)  The carnival filled with melodically haunting music and the locals who scatter like cockroaches when the lights go on, ups the creepy factor to about a 10.  As they venture deeper into this surreal world they come across a tent with a carnival barker that dares them to experiences what is inside with the promise to scared them to death or their money back.  That’s all we get for now but, as a horror fan, I think they may have something here.

Attached to play Caleb is Randal Reeder who is also producing the film. Reeder is famous for such movies as Dead Pool, 21 Jump Street, W, Sin City and Harold and Kumar.

Also attached is former child star Carlie Westerman as one of the college lovers, Katie. Westerman has had breakout performances in movies and TV such as the critically acclaimed and award winning  “You and Everyone We Know”and “An American Crime”.

Other Cast members attached include…
Jeremy Lawson – Russel
Victoria Anne Greenwood – Wendy
Carlie Westerman – Katie
Steven Samblis – Sheriff Clayton
Eric Lorack – Homeless Man
Nicholas Dressel – Zombie Diner
Vince Eustace – Deputy Lindsay
Arlene Dayoan – Zombie Diner
Christopher Gregson – Barn Zombie
Benjamin Miller – Daryl
Sofia Dutcher – Zombie Diner


The movie is co-written and will be co-directed by Chris Clancy and Fabian Montes. Joining the team are producers Cindy Goddard and Steven Samblis.  The film is produced by Star Bright Films, Envision Media Partners and Red State Entertainment.