This year is a wrap.

Goodbye 2016.

“If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you.” Which best describes the year in movies 2016.

So now it’s time to list the best movies of the year (As compiled by the Cinema Buzz staff). Unlike what most of our colleagues do, we are actually going to list the ten BEST movies. Not name drop a bunch of movies no one has seen or give you a list of films people haven’t heard of at all. The Academy has never given us any checks or even tix to their big show, so we have no reason at all to create a list just to try and match what films might get nominated for an Oscar Best Picture like most critics do. Truth! That’s easy. But that isn’t necessarily a list of the best. Who cares what a bunch of mostly white and over 60-year-old men think. No disrespect but sort of. Seriously, we already know that “La La Land” is going to win the Oscar for Best Picture. But Come on man! Yaw know that if you were stranded on an island and could only pick one movie that was released in 2016 that you could only watch it wouldn’t be “La La Land.” Don’t get me wrong the movie is a lot of fun. Emma Stone is great and Ryan Gosling is Schoolboy Q cool. However, the movie isn’t about anything. Just two kids in love running around LA periodically singing songs and dancing. But back to our list. This is a non-pretentious zone. A keeping it real community. Thanks Young Metro. The best movies are those that get you excited about getting off your couch and headed to the multiplex, make you forget that Netflix and Hulu exist and put you at ease about dropping a Franklin on snacks and soda. So the Cinema Buzz staff huddled up and here is what we came up with…


1. Deadpool
Congrats to Ryan Reynolds for finally getting this movie made and made they way he wanted. We loved your vision man. There is like a new comic book movie every other week and lets face it the super hero universe is getting a bit dull. Thanks to the irreverent spirit of “Deadpool” we had a reason to care again. “Deadpool’s” vibe was completely original and arguably the funniest movie of the year. And while we are at it, Ryan Reynolds is our “Man of the year.” Go boy!

“Moonlight” explored black masculinity like no other film ever has.

2. Moonlight
The best movies take you to new places you would never visit. “Moonlight” brilliantly introduced audiences to Liberty City. In case you aren’t aware that is a seriously hood section of Miami. However, “Moonlight” managed to beautify an area considered horrifically ugly and scarred due to poverty and blight caused by the systematic assault of failed governmental policies. The movie also brilliantly tackled black masculinity, crack addiction and bullying with an honest and fresh approach. Director Barry Jenkins pulled elements of his real life to deliver a brazenly different type of coming of age story. The results are astonishing and “Moonlight” is truly unlike anything you have ever seen.

“Zootopia” tackled the issues of racism and cultural differences while retaining charm and kid-friendly wit.

3. Zootopia
“Zootopia” may be an animated crime caper but it brilliantly tackeld the issue of race relations while still managing to be fun for kids. Who does that? Disney of course. The studio which basically created the foundation for modern animation continues its legacy greatness.

If you want to know why Donald Trump became president watch “Hell or High Water.”

4. Hell or High Water
This poetic film about cowboy justice beautifully captured the angst that many people feel in the United States right now. Wanna understand why Donald Trump won the election? Watch this movie. The performances by the entire cast were also money. Gritty, down and dirty and a true thriller that never sells out or gets stupid.

In “Arrival” Amy Adams delivers a smart performance of a very intelligent character.

5. Arrival
Smart girls are cool! And not many are smarter than the character Amy Adams masterfully portrays in the sci-fi classic “Arrival.” There hasn’t been a more intelligent and sophisticated sci-fi movie ever made.

“The Jungle Book” was not short on voice talent, the film’s cast includes three Oscar winners: Ben Kingsley, Lupita Nyong’o and Christopher Walken; and one Oscar nominee: Bill Murray. But it was the young Neel Sethi, virtually the only human in the movie, that carried the weight with an incredible performance.

6. The Jungle Book
This live action version of the classic story is flat out amazing. Lets start with the visual effects. Dope! The story is amazing and every thing looked so realistic. But what we loved most is that young Neel Sethi, basically the only human in the damn thing, carry the entire movie like a champ. Where is his Oscar?

Singer Janelle Monae delivers a star-making performance in the feel good movie of the year “Hidden Figures.” “Hidden Figures” is Monae’s “Mystic Pizza.” Expect big things from her in the future as she becomes a huge star.

7. Hidden Figures
There is a lot to love about a movie about smart women who excel at math and science and succeed in a predominantly male environment during the Civil Rights era. Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae bring this little known story to life about a team of African American women who provide NASA with important mathematical data needed to launch the program’s first successful space missions.

“La La Land” made the movie musical ‘millennial’ cool.

8. La La Land
OK, we give in. Yes, we threw shade on this movie in our intro. But hey, it really is a good movie. Sure it’s a musical but this ain’t your mom and pops musical. “La La Land” is actually dope. Emma Stone and Ryan gosling have mad chemistry and both can sing, dance and act all at the same time. Plus, it’s a beautiful looking movie as the pair frolic around Los Angeles with glee.

Felicity Jones adds some serious girl power in the first stand-alone “Star Wars” movie “Rogue One.”

9. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
There is something about this franchise that actually heals the world and pulls families together. What other movie could you go to with your parents this year and retain your cool. Or how many parents took their kids to watch together? There was mad generational bonding at the theaters showing this flick. This is what “Star Wars” do and it’s nostalgic boogie is more beautiful than that Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams song. The series’ first stand alone film started a bit slowly but got things cranking toward the end. Loved Felicity Jones. And just enough throwback references to keep the fans happier than an Ewok office party.

“The Purge: Election Year” gave us an even broader look at dystopia, making direct, occasionally heavy-handed references to a real-world election season that’s turned out far worse than writer-director James DeMonaco ever could have imagined.

10. The Purge: Election Year
Not many franchises get better with time. The usually descend and fall off quickly. Not the “Purge” movies son which debuted in 2013. “The Purge” franchise has surprisingly gotten better with each release. And “The Purge: Election Year” eerily reflected the tone of the U.S. this election year. Yikes! And the perfect way to end 2016.