The Cinema Buzz Movie Trip Awards celebrate movies and TV shows that inspire people to travel. Recently the travel trend of ‘location vacations’ has exploded. More and more people are planning trips based on locations they see in movies and on TV shows. 

Each year the Cinema Buzz Movie Trip Awards gives special recognition to a movie or TV show that used locations that people visit that were inspired by the unique way the locations were featured.

Last year the Cinema Buzz Movie Trip Awards recognized Disney’s “The Good Dinosaur.” The state of Wyoming’s Tourism Department partnered with Pixar and Disney to promote the animated movie whose scenery was inspired by Wyoming landscapes. They created an entire advertising campaign to promote tourism in Wyoming based on the movie.

This year, the Cinema Buzz Movie Trip Awards gives special recognition to Netflix and it’s series of new shows released in 2016 that all inspired travel. Watching movies and TV shows on the digital entertainment platform has become the norm. What’s new is that the original content that Netflix is creating is helping to increase the already popular and growing trend of ‘location vacationing.’

Netflix is continually changing the way people watch TV and with shows like “The Get Down,” “Stranger Things,” “Luke Cage” and “The Crown” now Netflix is also influencing the way people travel and vacation.

“The Crown” follows the story of Her Majesty The Queen in her accession to the throne, and as a young monarch faced with a country in the depths of turbulent post-war Britain. Set in the 1950s, the series has featured some of Britain’s most regal locations to tell the story of Queen Elizabeth II. The show has sparked a travel trend to England, already a popular tourist destination, as thousands flock to see the locations used on the show.

On the set of “The Crown” Season 1 in England.
Netflix’s “The Crown” has inspired lots of people to travel to England visit some if Britain’s most regal locations.

“The Get Down” was shot on Location in New York City. The first six episodes of the Baz Luhrmann series “The Get Down” debuted on Netflix last year, immersing viewers into a fantastical version of 1977 in the South Bronx — a world of graffiti, disco and hip-hop.

Netflix’s “The Get Down” is set during the ’70s in New York. Season 1 was primarily shot in The Bronx.
Baz Luhrmann creates a fantastical version of 1977 in the South Bronx with “The Get down” which immerses viewers into the world of hip-hop during the genres origins.

Marvel’s “Luke Cage” debuted on Netflix in September 2016, bringing viewers yet another superhero show filmed in New York City. But this show was different.  Much of “Luke Cage” — whose hero specifically hails from Harlem — was shot in Harlem and Washington Heights, but the series also filmed in Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx.

Netflix’s “Luke Cage” filmed mostly in Harlem. Based on the Marvel comic book the series explores the many neighborhoods of the New York borough.
Marvel’s “Luke Cage” was set in Harlem.

Although set in Hawkins, Indiana, “Stranger Things” is primarily filmed in Georgia. The scenes featuring a quaint small town square were filmed in Jackson, an economically depressed city about fifty miles southeast of Atlanta.

“Stranger Things” is set in Hawkins, Indiana but is primarily filmed outside of Atlanta, Georgia.
“Stranger Things” takes place in 1983 in a small town in Indiana.

The 2nd Annual Cinema Buzz Movie Trip Awards are proud to Award Netflix with Special Recognition honors at this year’s show.

The Cinema Buzz Movie Trip Awards are Wednesday, February 22nd at the Screenland Tapcade in Kansas City, Missouri. Watch live on Facebook at 8PM/EST.

The 2nd Annual Cinema Buzz Movie Trip Awards