Our "Biggest Wolverine Fan Contest" winner Chandler Estelle flew to New York from Missouri to screen "Logan" and interview Hugh Jackman.


Chandler Estelle in New York.

1. What was it like flying to New York?

Flying to New York was such an exciting, crazy experience. I loved every minute of the trip. The drinks, the delayed flight times, everything!

2. What is your favorite thing about New York?

My favorite part of New York was the shopping. Seeing the cool graffiti, artwork and hanging out with creative people is very inspiring. Despite the crazy weather and the tight work schedule, I made the most of NYC. I love everything about that city!

3. How was the hotel?

The Hotel was INCREDIBLE, I couldn't believe my eyes walking into the lobby. The decor, the marble shower, my super soft bed plus I had the BEST view ever. Such a great experience and I hope I'm able to get more opportunities to stay at the Nomo in Soho. Did I mention the food was mouth watering? Ha!

4. What did you think of the movie?

Personally, I love and found a new appreciation for movies based on comic books. I am not a huge superhero gal but I do love how the director made you feel you knew the whole story already. I would highly recommend this movie to EVERYONE. Go buy that ticket!

"Logan" star Boyd Holbrook and Chandler Estelle.

5. What was it like interviewing Hugh Jackman?

Interviewing Hugh Jackman is a moment for the ages for me. I am very very VERY grateful for the experience. He was the nicest guy, super sweet and super professional. I'm shocked I was able to do my job because I was siting in front of an A-lister! I had the time of my life interviewing him. Watch my interview right here. Right now!

Hugh Jackman and Chandler Estelle.

6. What will be your biggest memory from the trip?

Everything was incredible! Luckily, I recorded my WHOLE trip on Snapchat so I can relive it if I wanted to! Haha...

Chandler Estelle lives in Lee's Summit, Missouri. She is an aspiring model and professional Snap Chatter. 

Chandler Estelle waiting to interview Hugh Jackman.


Hugh Jackman says this is the last movie he'll play Wolverine. He's done after 17 years.

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