Jordan Vogt-Roberts directs "Kong: Skull Island"

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who has openly declared his obsession with the original 1933 “King Kong,” now has re-imagined the story of this gigantic cinema icon and set it at the end of the Vietnam War. Great spectacle, poignant themes and outstanding performances, with the added value of a towering 100-foot ape, will transport audiences to the untamed world of Skull Island like never before.


A day in the life of Kong can be challenging, and so was every day on set for this young talented filmmaker, as he confessed to Cinema Buzz.

Title: Kong: Skull Island
Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Screenplay: Dan Gilroy, Max Borenstein and Derek Connolly
Story: John Gatins
Producers: Thomas Tull, Mary Parent, Jon Jashni and Alex Garcia
Cast: Tom Hiddleston (James Conrad), Samuel L. Jackson (Preston Packard), John Goodman (Bill Randa), Brie Larson (Mason Weaver), Toby Kebbell (Jack Chapman), Jason Mitchell (Mills), John C. Reilly (Hank Marlow)
Music: Henry Jackman
Release Date (USA): 10 March, 2017

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