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Doctors recommend that the average adult get seven to nine hours of sleep nightly. While those numbers determined by The National Sleep Foundation are scientifically grounded guidelines to help most individuals feel rested each day, when it comes to movies sleep is bad. Sure there are more movies released each year that any normal person could ever possibly watch. Even film critics can't watch them all. Too many titles, not enough time. And, unfortunately there are always a few titles and performances that get totally slept on. So consider this a wake up call as we tell you about the five best movies and five best performances you probably missed this year that you really should see. The following are the most criminally ignored movies and performances of 2016.


1. Captain Fantastic

Delightfully quirky and original "Captain Fantastic" featured one of the best acting ensembles of the year.

2. The Fits

The coming of age movie "The Fits" moved to a different fascinating rhythm as its star newcomer Royalty Hightower delivered one of the best performances of the year.

3. The Lobster

A wildly imaginative drama, starring Rachel Weisz and Colin Farrell, about a hotel where single people must find a mate or be turned into a wild animal is the most hilariously movie of the year.

4. Sing Street

A schoolboy forms a band to impress a girl and magic ensues in John Carney's warm 1980s gem.

5. Morris From America

Craig Robinson and newcomer Markees Christmas star in this delightful fish-out-of-water comedy fueled by terrific homages to the hip-hop culture.


1. Adam Driver "Patterson"

Adam Driver's highly nuanced performance in
"Patterson" was one of he best of the year.

2. Zoe Saldana "Nina"

Controversy about Zoe Saldana starring as singer Nina Simone and the horrific make-up job used to transform her into iconic soultress over-shadowed Saldana's brilliant performance.

3. Isabelle Huppert "Elle"

By any measure Isabelle Huppert delivers the best performance of the year as a woman trying to find out the identity of the man that raped her.

4. Don Cheadle "Miles Ahead"

Don Cheadle who directed "Miles Ahead" was electric as the eccentric jazz musician.

5. Molly Shannon "Other People"

Molly Shannon is incredible as a mother dying of cancer. It's fiercely brave, realistic and touching performance.

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