As a fan of movies, I go to them to get away from the world. I go to be transported into an exciting and entertaining world. To laugh till I cry, cry till I laugh, to grab the armrest till my knuckles turn white and sometimes to jump out my seat.

Before this can happen I have to walk into that theater and pay a pretty penny for that admission.  Before that can happen I have to choose which one of the dozens of movies that come out each week I would love to see.  There are so many that when something comes along that helps me to whittle down the options, I’m pleased.  That was until now.

Movies are suppose to be a safe place where we can live these incredible experiences with none of the risk. I love scary movies but don’t actually want to meet Michael Myers in real life.  I loved the Hangover but would not really want to hang out with Phil, Stu, Alan, Doug and Mr. Chow. Strike that, that would actually be awesome.  But I digress…

When I like and respected the actor, I was more wiling to love the movie.  Great actors need to be incredible collaborators to make incredible movies.  Viola Davis once said that movie making is one of the few collaborative art forms.

Part of that collaboration is going out and telling the story of the movie to help people discover it and eventually go see it.  I read and watch a variety of sources of interviews to make a decision on the movies I should see.

When an actor high-jacks an interview to promote his personal political agendas, that breaks the third wall for me.  These guys or girls are getting paid to do interviews for the movie, to help us decide if we should see it or not, not tell me to f-ck my parents because they may have voted differently then me or him.

So I come to Michael Shannon and one of his recent interviews for the movie “Nocturnal Animals”.

TimeoutMichael, movies are suppose to be our safe place. When I see an you on screen after you just told us that our country should be divided…  How do I get it out of my head that you said  “My mom’s a senior citizen. But if you’re voting for Trump, it’s time for the urn.”  “Basically this man is probably going to destroy the earth and civilization as we know it.”  What does that have to do with the movie?

Here I am reading an interview with you about your movie and you go off on this anti-America rant. Don’t get confused, you saying you don’t want to live in America and we need to tear this place down is as anti-America as you can get.

I believe we all have our rights to our voice and opinion.  I don’t believe you have the right to slam it down my throat that during a press tour you are being paid to do, for a movie you are suppose to be promoting.  My dad worked 40 years in the steal mills of Gary Indiana. Never did he feel he was so important to expect the people he worked with to be subjected to any political rants no matter what side of the fence he was on.  He did his job and went home. Perhaps you should do the same.  BTW… shame on the writer of the piece for allowing the interview to even go there.

I am not taking a political position because this is a place that unless we are talking about a political movie, it does not belong here.  Because you decided to hi-jack the interview and spew anti-American words, I now see you as this anti-American hate monger.  Why would you do that to me?

I have official put Michael Shannon in time out. I will not see another one of his movies until he learns to act like a grown-up, do the job he is paid to do and play nice with others.

PS… I have not given a link to the Shannon did because I’m not going to subject anyone to his tantrum.